Route of Emotions

Sun, Sand & Crystal Clear Water

Terra Brasilis was one of the first tour operators to work in this region when the access to the amazing National Park of Lençois Maranheses was done in an entire day, since then the region changed a lot and we were part of this change, that today is called Route of Emotion, connecting the states of Maranhao and Ceara of the Northeast Region.

Lençois, Delta & Jericoacoara

Within 6 or 7 days of this crossing, the natural area of the huge Delta of Parnaiba can also be included and the National Park of Jericoacoara. As a specialist in this area, we offer several packages to make the crossing Route of Emotion, including the crossing by the foot of the National Park sleeping in an oasis village inside the white desert, and also short packages within a personal guided photography tour.

Santo Amaro & Canaria Islands

The Northern area of the Park is known for its huge lake Santo Amaro and big Lagoons of cobalt blue color and the access is by a remote tiny village called Santo Amaro. The major highlight it's the Gaivota Lagoon, one of the biggest of the Park. For the lovers of an exotic flora and fauna, we suggest a second overnight at Canarias Island.

The package includes also a full-day tour with beach walking at Caju Island in the morning, a tour by rustic canoes with local natives to the monkey forest to watch a great diversity of primates like Guaribas, Pregos and Micos, then at the end of the day watch and photograph, the Red Guarás birds at their nesting habitat - an one of kind experience in Brazil.

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