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Our country is our main inspiration, the diversity is all around on the melting pot of brazilian people, in a vibrant and colorful culture, in the different flavours of brasil gastronomy, in the exuberancy of nature, with amazing endemic ecosystems, then culminate with the bio-diversities of the many biomas we have.

Terra brasilis was born to pay a tribute to what brasil is, a great and unique destination for travellers.

Our main goal is connecting costumers, travellers in the deepest and authentc experience, at same time we support the tree sides of sustentability: produce local economic, preserve nature and support cultural event and communities nvolved.


Those two words mean so much to us, and it was nothing new thing in our relationship with incoming tourism in Brazil. For us is a necessity due to the reality of our country. Sometimes sustainability is compared to an adventure or to tourism in nature, but it should not be like a wave of ecotourism.

Sustainability and Experiences should walk together with the benefit of travelers and the environments they visit. Experience should be a prize for the visitors that plan and travel in a sustainable way.

When we first learn it in 2000, the Sustainable Tourism Policy - an initiative created by the German government, we changed our lives and our company, transforming Terra Brasilis into a fabric of sustainable tourism projects and guided tours in Brazil.

In 2006, we created our own Carbon free project:
One Pax = Two Trees and started the projects to help the restoration of Mata Atlantica and Amazon Rain Forest by planting native trees. Then we participate more actively in the councils of Nature Parks in Brazil. At this moment we got members and part of the advisory board of our national association ABETA and became members of ATTA.

From the moment we assumed the tripod of Sustainability inside our day work: Provide local economy, protect nature, and preserve local culture. It helped us to create nice initiatives like:
- Biking in Brazil:
- A 100% sustainable lodge in the Amazon, the Trapiche Eco Lodge
- The Cruise Monteiro opened the universe of "Ribeirinhos" riverside communities of the Amazon and our escorted trips and packages became sustainable tours in Minas Gerais, in Rio, and including the Route of Emotion.

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