Trapiche Eco Lodge

Trapiche Amazon Lodge is a sustainable tourism project, located in a RDS government Sustainable development reservation near Anavilhanas Archipelago. It is managed by a local family, supporting the local economy, preserving the environment, and protecting local community culture.

It was built with 80% material from the forest. Our project is 100% connected with nature, where we have to work with a minimum impact to avoid damage, noise, and waste. We have granted comfort in the whole lodge facilities and our three blocks of rooms with a total of eight units.

M/M Monteiro Cruise by Solimoes River

A real and authentic Amazonian experience, navigating along the Solimoes River, a regional cruise vessel. An immersion in the universe of 'Ribeirinhos' local communities that lives in the great rivers. The arrival of the Monteiro Cruise at the ports turns the small rivers village into a bustling market of colors and aromas. At each stop, there is a chance of exploring the Amazon from a different vision by a speedboat or walking in through the villages.

We introduced the cruise idea about 5 years ago and since then, many travelers had experienced this trip or used it to connect with Colombia and Peru from Brazil. Now we are proud that this is not a project anymore it's a reality that we developed with M/M Monteiro navigation company.

Manaus and The Waterfalls Land

The gateway to explore the Amazon Jungle has also some interesting visits and it is organized by our local staff:

The Opera House – A precious renaissance-style construction with eclectic details, the inside visit is a must and during May to June, and other dates is possible to watch an Opera in the jungle like the dream of Fitzcarraldo.

Presidente Figueiredo - On the road to Indigenous reservations and at the end of Venezuela, the place is known as the land of waterfalls. It can be done in one day or with 2 or 3 nights at local lodges.

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