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Values and history

Our professional experience in tourism is long. We are part of the trajectory of tourism activity in Brazil, from the consolidation of Brazil as a world destination in the 70s to the present day. We have learned a lot from all those movements.

Our vocation was always to create experiences for our customers way before the market recognize sustainability as the future for good practice in tourism. We were already doing this.

35 years ago, during the wave of ecotourism that was booming at the time around the world, have also arrived in Brazil - this is the moment that Terra Brasilis was born - totally connected with the good practices, of nature preservation and the fomentation of culture and local communities.

The modern history

Our company name comes from the XV century when our country was known as Terra Brasilis, according to the first-ever cartographic. It inspired us to design our programs & packages, using what Brazil has best: natural biodiversity, vibrant culture, and amazing people.

It also inspired us to make our work a deep experience inside our country to: explore, live, and discover Brazil, as did the old navigators, explorers, and naturalists. And there are still many secrets to be explored and experienced!

This website will introduce to you some of what we do for more than 23 years in Brazil, and our proposal is to be active but always in a soft approach to please all kinds of people, travelers or tourists.

People and culture

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