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Darwin Route

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".. And as we passed through the woods, everything was motionless, except the large and brilliant butterflies, which lazily fluttered about. The view seen when crossing the hills behind Praia Grande (Niterói) was most beautiful… After passing through some cultivated country, we entered a forest, which in the grandeur of all its parts could not be exceeded… - The distant and sullen roar of the sea scarcely broke the stillness of the night."

Those words show the enchantment of Young Darwin and describe the expedition he did in 1832 along the sun coast of Rio State, some of the sites mentioned in his book, The Voyage of the Beagle, are still preserved and make part of today's official Charles Darwin Route.
Our suggestion is to follow the steps, with the same timing as Darwin, exploring this amazing route in a soft biking adventure with the support of our local experienced team.

The best spots of Route Charles Darwin are to be discovered, explored, and experienced with our tips. We provide transfers from Rio or Niterói, 3 nights in a nice beach lodge bike friendly. Places have lots of safe active possibilities to make your stay amazing, but we add something extra full mobility, we leave with you a 21v bike so you can explore those wonderful beach paradises in Costa do Sol in a sustainable way. Our transfers In or out, includes historical sites and main attractions of the Charles Darwin Route.

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