Rio & Minas Gerais

Historical Towns, Farms & Natural Parks

Watching by the air or by one of the hundreds of peaks, what we see is how visitors call it for the first time "a sea of mountains" and explore its unique colonial towns, farmlands natural parks.

Minas has also an official name for this route, called Estrada Real or Royal Road, the ancient road used to connect the gold and diamond mines to the ports on the Atlantic Coast - Rio de Janeiro and Paraty.

Mountains of Rio State - Muriquis Trek

For mountain lovers, we have a suggestion that is one of the 10 best mountain crossings in the Americas - the crossing from Petropolis to Terezopolis by the mountain trails of the National Park Serra dos Orgãos - it's a fantastic scenario of exuberant flora and fauna, an incredible adventure with camping in the park areas and spectacular views.

We leave from Rio de Janeiro to explore the Atlantic Coastal Forest (Mata Atlantica) natural habitat of the tallest primate of the Americas - The Muriquis (Brachyteles Arachnoides) also known as the Spider Monkey.

Escorted Road Tour to Historical Towns

The historical patrimony of Minas Gerais state is based in the magnified and well-preserved cities: Ouro Preto, Diamantina & Congonhas - named World Cultural Patrimony, also beautiful towns like Mariana and Tiradentes.

We propose a combination of road tours starting from Rio or from Belo Horizonte, that includes of course the main historical villages mixing the routes with the old coffee farm lodges and activities; the mountains of Rio and its main capital – The Imperial city of Petropolis and the many nature parks that Minas Gerais has, like the awarded Ibitipoca. We bring tours in three different ways of doing it.

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