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The Naturalists in Brazil

Expedition Series:

1In 1808 Brazil was a colony completely closed to the world, the vast continent and its exotic flora, diverse fauna and obscure natives indigenous were nothing more than a dream for Europeans that hadn´t any information or scientific studies about the country. The Royal Portuguese family had to leave Portugal because of the Napoleon War and migrated to Brazil transferring the Capital of the Portuguese Empire to RIO DE JANEIRO, the country became a land to be explored and it was exactly on the great time of the Scientific or Exploring Societies. Many famous Naturalist organized expeditions crossing the country from Amazon to the South and redesigned the Geography, exotic resources, Flora and Fauna of the huge green nation.

Today we created 6 escorted trips following the steps of few of those Naturalists, it will never be a hard expedition but a way of enjoying a deeper Brazil experience. Click above on the stamps to check the full program of Charles Darwin and The Voyage of The Beagle (Rio Stopover); Von Spix & Von Martius Reise in Brasilien 1818-1820 (Sertões of Bahia;  Colonel Fawcett – The Lost City of Z in Mato Grosso; Peter Lund – The prehistoric of Brazil; Saint Hilaire – Voyage to the provinces of Rio and Minas Gerais Von Humboldt – The Casiquiare canal: Orinoco and Amazonas meeting. Concept or Philosophy of the Expedition Series:The main idea is to follow partially Paths, Trails or Routes used for the past expeditions and try to capture the motivation, curiosity and the same vision of those amazing explorers.

Another interesting situation is compare places with today. Some of the places didn´t changed much and are out of the beaten track what makes our expedition a singular experience. Program are flexible specially because is our commitment to change the route or program if participant´s security is affected by any natural cause or public advent that could happens during the trip. Travel insurance is required. Departures: Is private, no fixed dates,  always escorted by an experienced guide and can start  with a minimum of 2 persons. But for some Tours we suggest to have small groups, family or friends travelling together. Please check the program and if you like it send us a message asking more details.

Want to relax after the trip: See our Hippie: Chick: proposals

TN#001 – CHARLES DARWIN (9 Days) – 1832!

The Bay of All Saints – Salvador & Rio de Janeiro – Exc. North of Cape Frio. Extension suggested: The Island of FERNANDO de NORONHA

First stop of Beagle in Brazil was in the Island of Fernando de Noronha, today one of the most charming destination in the country. Then a short stop in Salvador – a first contact with the slavery society that chocked the young Charles, in the meantime that  the amazing beauty of the Bay of All Saints fascinated him with exotic species like the Diodon. The Beagle continues it trips along the coast up to the new and long stop in RIO DE JANEIRO.  For sure the nature of RIO touched the heart of the father of Biology. “We entered  a forest, which in the grandeur of all its parts could not be exceeded.“ – a brief resume of what he will see in the mule trip he did with some English friends based in RIO to the Sossego farm,  using the old salt road from the capital to Cape Frio (Cabo Frio). Part of the road still exists and today it starts in Niterói city, cross the State Park of Serra da Tiririca, then continue along the golden coast of RIO: Maricá, Saquarema, Araruama, Arraial do Cabo, Cabo Frio and Buzios.

darwin readyhorses

Hotels used: Colonial Charm lodge in Salvador & option for Charm hotel or beach hotel in Copacabana-Ipanema. At Caminhos de Darwin route simple but comfortable Pousadas or Lodges.
Highlights: Experience in Salvador´s Bay the fishermen communities; The exuberant Mata Atlantica (Atlantic Forest) in RIO and State Park area; Still preserved farms and the beautiful beaches of the Gold Coast. A Horseride experience can be included – Check with us!

1st Day: Arrival Salvador OV – explore historical center and Ballet folkloric
2nd Day:
explore the Bay and islands by boat
3rd Day:
Fly to RIO – explore the city and OV
4th Day:
Day botanical Garden & Tijuca Forest
5th Day:
Paths of Darwin way Niteroi & Maricá
6th Day: Darwin way Saquarema & Arraial do Cabo: (boat trip)
7th Day: Cabo Frio & Buzios
8th Day:
Explore the State Park Tres Picos
9th Day: Back to Rio de Janeiro. End of our tours.


TNC#002 – Von SPIX & Von MARTIUS (10 Days) Reise in Brasilien (1818-1820) – The Crossing of BAHIA Drylands (Sertões) exploring the Caatinga, an unique Brazilian ecosystem and the life of Sertanejos.

tnc2_1 The German Naturalist Carl Von Martius and the zoologist Johann Baptiste Von Spix made part of the Austrian and Baviera mission to Brazil that follows the princess Dona Leopoldina that will marry Dom Pedro The future emperor of Brazil They had full support of Brazil and the prince were invited by
para realizar nosso trabalho“ 1818 Salvador doentes da viagem minas bahia.. fev 1819 partem ao st of Brazil (Natal). It is a marine sanctuary ringed by crystal-white sand, and is a haven for is developed in a sustainable way, creating the opportunity of an equilibrated meeting between man and nature in one of the most important National Marine Park of Brazil. There are countless activity and tour options, which satisfy different people and offer to the visitor the chance to see all natural beauties of the islands in an easy way.
There is an Environmental Tax(*) and we can help you to pay the tax before entering the island and avoid clues.

Hotels used: Choose a place to stay that best suits your style and explore other beaches by taxi, bike, rent a buggy or walking…
Highlights: and of course, don’t miss to take a breath watching the Bay of Dolphins!

1st Day: Salvador Drive to Reconcavo Baiano explore Paragussu river and OV in Cachoeira city.
2nd Day:
drive entering the Sertões to Jacobina (mining center)
3rd Day: explore the mining areas Campo Formoso and Senhor do Bonfim OV
4th Day: drive Itiuba and then Monte Santo – replica of Bendegó Meteorite and trek up to Monte Santo OV
5th Day: explore sertões and Canudos Park OV farm
6th Day: explore the Ecological station of Raso da Catarina preserve the endemic ecosystem Caatinga OV Paulo Afonso
 7th Day: Explore the huge canyons of São Francisco, hydro-electric plant and waterfalls. OV Paulo Afonso
8th Day: trip along the São Francisco River – deep incursion in the Sertões – OV Petrolina
9th Day: Day to explore Juazeiro-Petrolina fruit farms and the great river area
espaço cambiarra10th Day: Transfer to airport Petrolina. 


TN#003 – COLONEL FAWCETT – The lost City of Z (1925) 11 Days & 10 Nights Araraguaia National Park – Indian areas – Bananal island – Chapada do Guimaraes National Park and Pantanal


tnc3_2tnc3_1Percy Fawcett arqueologo e explotrador britanico famous.. created a legend about his trip to find the lost golden city in Mato Grosso – inspired conay doyle for lost world novel. Serra do roncador em 1925 junto ao filho mais velho parte em busca da cidade perdida, que ele batizou Z estudando lendas antigas e deixou registrado que se nao voltasse nao se organizasse nenhuma missao para busca-lo.. desapareceu no alto xingo e fez muitospensarem que ele havia criado uma nova civilização.. os índios kalapalos foram os últimos a saberem de fawcett..
ao todo mais de 100 exploradoresd morreram tentando encontrar os membros desta expedição.. 3 exediçoes desaarecem.ina full of mountains, valleys, cliffs, many waterfalls and areas of preserved Atlantic Forest.

Accommodation used: basically on the road will be a simple 2 star hotels but in Chapada dos Guimaraes a nice lodge and a farm hotel in Pantanal.

Highlights: 4×4 exploration of indian reserves area Bananal island serra do roncado chap guimaraes and panatanal experience wildlife. Best time
1st Day Arrival Palmas expedition last checking and ov
2nd Day Palmas 4×4 overland trip to Araguaia N.Park – Bananal island (the biggest world fluvial island)
3rd Day exploring Indian areas – Nova Xavantina
4th Day Exploring rio das mortes
5th Day
Exploring Barra do Garças
6th Day
route to N.P. Chapada dos guimarães
7th Day exploring serra do roncador
8th Day
exploring Chapada dos Guimaraes
9th Day
drive to Tranpantaneira – Pantanal lodge
10th Day
Pantanal lodge
11th Day transfer to Airport of Cuiabá.


TN#004 – PETER LUND – The Prehistoric of Brazil (1839-1845) 9 Days/8Ngs Circuit of the historical cities of Minas Gerais – The Natural Park of Caraça Caves of Lagoa Santa and Maquiné – Diamantina and N. Park Serra do Cipó


Itacaré is located Brazil Cocoa region – state of Bahia, south of Salvador, 70 km north of Ilhéus, that has the nearest airport. White sand beaches, pure, un-adulterated nature, gorgeous people, delectable food, tranquility, and most importantly, sunshine and awesome waves. The dream of having your own private beach happens here, many of the best hotel and properties has this privilege, you can practice yoga on the beach or Capoeira lessons, Itacaré attracts adventure seekers, eco-enthusiasts and urban dwellers alike. Itacaré houses some of the best SPAs to treat your BODY & SOUL like Txai Resort or Paradise, if you want to experience you can try Spirit Vine Reatreat. Very near, just crossing the River Rio de Contas, you can enter in another astonishing tropical

Hotels: Choose a place to stay that best suits your style and explore other beaches by taxi, bike or

Highlights: walking…and of course, don’t miss to visit Itacarezinho or Havaizinho beaches ****
1st Day: Arrive BELO HORIZONTE and drive to Ouro Preto visit Congonhastnc4_4tnc4_3
2nd Day: Ouro Preto walk tour – Visit Passagem Mine
3rd Day: drive to Mariana – Santa Barbara – Park Caraça OV
4th Day: Drive to Caetes – Sabará – Belo Horizonte and Lagoa Santa OB
5th Day: explore caves of Lagoa Santa OV
6th Day: Drive to Maquine Cave – Curvelo and Diamantina OV –
7th Day: explore diamantine – biribiri OV
8th Day:  Drive to Serra do Cipo explore the national park OV
9thDay: transfer to Belo Horizonte Airport.


TN#005 – AUGUSTE DE SAINT HILAIRE – Voyages in the provinces of Rio and Minas Gerais (1817-1820) – 9 Days & 8 Nights: Minas Historical towns & Natural parks: Ibitipoca, Caraça and National Park of Serra da Canastra.

tnc5_1Saint hilaire his history and brazil..
The trip: Rio – Petropolis – Ibitipoca – Tiradentes – Congonha – Ouro Preto – Caraçatnc5_3

Hotels Used:


1st Day: Rio de Janeiro drive to Petropolis visit and arrive at State Park Ibitipoca in Minas Gerais OV –
2nd Day: Day to explore the trails of the Park (steps of Saint Hilaire)
3rd Day: drive to Tiradentes – Congonhas and arrive Ouro Preto OV
4th Day: day to explore Ouro Preto – Mariana and the Mine of Passagem
5th Day: drive to Catas Altas – Santa Barbara – OV natural park of Caraça
6th Day: morning explore the park and leave after lunch to Sabara and Belo Horizonte OV
7th Day: morning Belo Horizonte and drive to National Park of Serra da Canastra OV
8th Day: Explore Serra da Canastra (São Francisco river)
9th Day: drive to Belo Horizonte airport.


TN#006 – ALEXANDER VON HUMBOLDT – Casiquiare Canal: Orinoco and Amazon meeting – Amazon Hylea (1800). 8 days & Nights – Manaus Jungle soft survival experience – Upper Rio Negro and Venezuela border Casiquiare





tnc6_31st Day: Arrive Manaus visits and OVtnc6_4
2nd Day: Boat ride to basic lodge for an Amazon training soft survival experience, Full board and activities
3rd Day: Overnight in hammocks in the jungle
4th Day: Back to Manaus and flight to Sao Gabriel da Cachoeira at upper Rio Negro OV.
5th Day: Explore village, king´s island and border of Nat Park Pico da Neblina.
6th Day: By road to Cucui (border of Venezuela. Boat trip Rio Negro tributary to reach Casiquiare OV jungle
7th Day: Explore Cucui and return to São Gabriel OV
8th Day: Flight back to Manaus..