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Terra dos homens

Expedition Series:

The human being is unique and has the ability of adapt to all kind of environment or different cultures. Our Land of men expeditions focus in anthropological way of seeing societies or communities sometimes dealing with a cultural change like the heritage tours and sometimes surviving in remote areas of Brazil.
Exploring Brazilian miscegenation and the many groups that formed the actual Brazil is a way of preserving some cultural diversity. The fast evolution, because of its strong miscegenation, Brazil is the land of cultural and anthropological wonders but like the environment, we want to show you in local that cultures and humans are also disappearing and there is a long anthropological process to recuperate it of extinction. Groups of slave’s descents still take the weekend to dance and sing their African songs in the muddy village of Reconcavo Baiano. The saga of Jewish in the northeast coast of Brazil shows the signs of reminiscences of colonial Brazil, for example in the amazon river were DAVI a boat´s captain read his Jewish bible in the meantime that navigate slowly like his old descendants in the medium orient. Inside the amazon, the ’empate’ is a fight between ‘ciringueiros’ and ranchers fighting for land, the ‘ciringueiros’ want to use Amazonian forest in a sustainable way. Indians and Jesuits formed one of the most beautiful, angelical society in past colonial Brazil marks of the Jesuits, and the Indians were find in the whole coast of Brazil likes the Smabaquis, etc… Our cultural anthropological trips will take you to fascinate experiences in the land of men. In a rich and miscellaneous culture, Brazil has different currents of cultural influences and this since the beginning of the country.


Concept or Philosophy of the Expeditions of Terra dos Homens: The main idea is to follow partially Paths, Trails or Routes used for the past expeditions and try to capture the motivation, curiosity and the same vision of those amazing explorers. Another interesting situation is compare places with today. Some of the places didn´t changed much and are out of the beaten track what makes our expedition a singular experience

Program are flexible specially because is our commitment to change the route or program if participant´s security is affected by any natural cause or public advent that could happens during the trip. Travel insurance is required..

Departures: Is private, no fixed dates,  always escorted by an experienced guide and can start  with a minimum of 2 persons. But for some Tours we suggest to have small groups, family or friends travelling together. Please check the program and if you like it send us a message asking more details.

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Our tours:

  • TH#001 – CHICO MENDES & The Forest people – A fight for preservation of Amazon Rain Forest by local communities. 11 Days exploring the deep amazon with the support of communities and NGO´s (Parã, Amazonas and Acre States)
  • TH#002 – ALEIJADINHO & NIEMEYER (9Days & 8 Nights) RIO/ MINAS Brazilian Art and Culture – The baroque of Brazil, the French artistic mission, the popular Art and the modernity of Niemeyer´s Architecture.
  • TH#003 – ZUMBI – Afro-Brazilian Heritage Tour. The Cultural and Social Patrimony left by Africa in the Brazilian society. Quilombos & Favelas, from Religious Syncretism, Carnival and Samba. 12 Days exploring Afro-Brazil.
  • TH#004 – ERETZ BRASIL – The Jews in Brazil – A connection of more than 500 years of contribution to build the promised land. 13 Days tracing the route of Jewish migration, since 1549 in Salvador to Amazon Today.
  • TH#005 – TANGO & SAMBA- Brazil and Argentina Cultural Tour 5 Days in RIO exploring background of the Samba and learning to dance Gafieira and 5 Days exploring Buenos Aires life and Tango–
  • TH#006 – PADRE CICERO – Mysticism, Syncretism and Faith – Brazil has a great religious diversity, since the fanatic Catholicism brought to indian and slaves, the syncretism of African religions to Ispiritism of today. Our trip is a voyage in the universe different communities linked to