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Hippie & Chick is more than a Beach vacation: it is a philosophy, a beach lifestyle. Or, as brazilians like to say: a Beach culture.
With more than 8.000 km of coastline, Brazil has some Hippie & Chick shore destinations. Along the 60´s and 70´s hippies discovered dozens of hidden paradises worldwide. Brazil was particularly focused. Basic structures were first settled in a minimaslist but spiritual concept. In the 90´s those old hippies, along with new investors, improved the existing infra-structure, bringing comfort, finesse and savoir faire, making some of those hidden paradises an exclusive destination.

Terra Brasilis selected 10 best beaches HC destination and 3 hidden paradises for your enjoyment. Explore and enjoy your selected paradise with safety and comfort: no stress, no hurry. Just relax and smile: you are in a brazilian beach. Each Hippie & Chick destination comes with 2 or 3 lodging choices; transportation is provided from and to the nearest airport; tips and other important information available. Wishing to explore even more remote beaches, please check our 3 Hidden Paradise options, all suported with the same facilities.Also check options for best charming honeymoon places; Body and Soul treatment; Diving places and Boat charters.
Beach programs finish with Fun & Adventure package tours
Three very special escorted excursions were designed: <

  • light adventure with soft and easy outdoor activities
  • local culture, music, dance and gastronomy in some of the nicest routes of Brazil;
  • Bahia Green Line & Our old Tour Cacao & Dendê, Salvador to Ilhéus.

Check ON THE ROAD and our SAND AND LAGOONS 4×4 ADVENTURE (from São Luis to Fortaleza).

espaço cambiarra

espaço cambiarra

Terra Brasilis’ 10 best beach destinations:

flowerHC#001 – BUZIOS ** Brigitte Bardot idyllic Paradise – 130km from RIO

buzios mapbuziosIn the early 60´s Buzios was just a small fishing village. Beautiful green and blue clear water beaches and the native´s simple life enchanted the famous french actress Brigitte Bardot.  She lived there a while in a very simple fisherman house by the beach and fell in love with simplicity of Buzios. International reporters came to Buzios to cover Bardot´s choice. As a result Buzios was suddenly brought to the attention of international and local visitors. Buzios then became a resort and ever since receives thousnads of visitors year round. Today Buzios is a charming and sophisticated resort destination with very good infra-structure, maintaining the atmosphere of the fishermen village.  Much of the chick can be found at Ruas das Pedras: main shopping and eating center; the Orla Bardot, with fine restaurants; exclusive beach service; and many lovely small beaches to fit all kind of visitors. Choose a place that best suits your style and explore Buzios´ beaches by car, catamaran or by foot… Buzios has good options of SPAs for BODY & SOUL treatment and charming HONEYMOON packages. Check with us! Allow at least two nights for Buzios. And as suggestion consider these accommodation:

INSOLITO Boutique Hotel (Ferradura beach)

Be active in BUZIOS, you can do:

flag stand up paddleflag scubaflag yachtflag surfing

flowerHC#002 – FERNANDO DE NORONHA – Home of the Best beaches of Brazil!

Fernando de Noronha islandIs an island in the archipelago of the same name, distant 377 km of the Brazilian coast of Brazil (Natal). It is a National Marine Park and a sanctuary  for sea
turtles and other marine fauna. Only 480 visitors are allowed at a time on the island, that holds a bit more than 3,000 inhabitants. Some of the best beaches Fernando de Noronha mapin the world are located in Noronha, compromised to develop tourism in a sustainable way, balancing opportunities and nature. There are countless activities and tour options in Noronha to satisfy different visitors. An environmental fee is charged to visit Noronha and Terra Brasilis can help you taking care of this. Choose a place to stay that best suits your style and explore other beaches by taxi, bike, rent a buggy or walking… and of course, don’t miss the Bay of Dolphins! The best hotels are considered Charm lodges. They are comfortable and decorated in a minimalist way. Good place for HONEYMOON. As for Terra Brasilis special packages. Allow a minimum of 3 nights. Environmental fee not included.

Hotel suggestions in Noronha are:


POUSADA sunset in Fernando de Noronha 1 by LMMARAVILHA 

Be active in NORONHA! You can do:

flag scubaflag stand up paddleflag surfing


Boat 'Atlantis'

flowerHC#003 – ILHA GRANDE & PARATY: Pearls of RIO Green Coast

ParatyLopes Mendes, one of the 10 best beaches of Brazil, is located in Ilha Grande island. Situated 150 km from Rio de Janeiro, Ilha Grande is the pearl of the Rio de Janeiro green coast. It is a very democratic beach place with all kinds of accommodation, people, gastronomy and facilities to explore its 101 tropical beaches and its fantastic landscape surrounded by a well preserved and exuberant Atlantic rain forest.A speed boat goes around the island, stopping in 11 prestine beaches; or a boat taxi to Manges and a soft walk to Lopes Mendes.
There is hundreds of option for trekking, walk or beach explore. Not far from Ilha Grande is located the colonial town port of Paraty – World Heritage. It was an important port connected with the gold mining area of Minas Gerais by the Gold Trail. Few minutes away from Paraty is Bocaina National Park, one of the biggest Atlantic Rain forest fragments, with mountains, valleys, cliffs and waterfalls.
Ilha Grande map
Choose a place to stay that best suits your style and take your time to explore Ilha Grande and Paraty. Check for HONEYMOON packages and events of BODY & SOUL.Allow 2 to 3 nights in Ilha Grande and 2 in Paraty.
Hotel suggestions:


Be active in ILHA GRANDE & PARATY! You can do:

flag yachtflag scubaflag stand up paddleflag surfing

Paraty panoramic view

flowerHC#004 – ITACARE – The green Paradise of Bahian Cool Coast

ITACAREItacaré is located in the Brazil Cocoa region (Bahia state), south of Salvador, and 70 km north of Ilhéus (nearest airport). White pure sand beaches, nature, gorgeous people, delicious food, quite environment and, most important, sunshine and awesome waves. Your dream of having a private beach happens in Itacare. Many of the best hotels and properties have this privilege. You can practice yoga on the beach or Capoeira lessons, Itacaré attracts adventure seekers, eco-enthusiasts and urban dwellers alike. Itacaré houses some of the best SPAs to treat your BODY & SOUL, like Txai Resort or Paradise. if you want to experience you can try Spirit Vine Reatreat. Crossing the river (Rio de Contas) you can enter in another astonishing tropical paradise: PENINSULA DE MARAU, known also as BARRA GRANDE: 70kms of a long peninsula along the seaside where in the otherCoast of the Itacare side lays the calm waters of the third largest Brazilian Bay – CAMAMU. Rent a car, buggy or motorbike and explore the peninsula. Choose a place to stay that best suits your style and explore other beaches by taxi, bike or walking… and of course, don’t miss to visit Itacarezinho or Havaizinho beaches. Allow 3 nights visit. Nearest Airport is Ilheus (70km from Itacaré by an ecological road).

Terra Brasilis hotel suggestion:


Be active in ITACARÉ! You can do:

flag surfing

Itacare from the eagle view

flowerHC#005 – JERICOACOARA – Capital of the Sun Route – CEARA State

07Jericoacoara is the perfect Hippie & Chick place. Back in the 60´s it was just a small fishing Village. In the 80’s it was taken by hippies and later by the adventurous travellers and Backpackers. Arriving in Jeri (like the natives say), visitors are immediately touched by the beauty of the sunset at the Great Dune. Here you can watch sunset and moon rise at the same time. The streets of Sand and the shining colors of the lagoons around the village makes the environment unique. In 1984 Jeri became a protected area and in 2002 a National Park. Today it is a preserved place with a typical minimalist architecture, nice bars and Restaurants. One of the nicest places in Brazil. Nowadays it is the Kite surf and windsurf paradise, including Jeri and Prea. Check our SAND & DUNES adventure from Maranhao to Jeri. Choose a place to stay that best suits your style and enjoy the magic of Jericoacoara but also explore the Lagoons, the Pedra Furada and the special nightlife with live music on the beach. The best hotels are considered as Boutique hotel or Charm lodges. Some are very exclusive, with only 4 suites. But in general all of them are comfortable and keep the hippie and minimalist style in the architecture and decoration. Very good options for HONEYMOON. Ask our special packages allows 3 nights.

Hotel suggestions in Jericoacoara are:


Sunset on the Great Dune

Be active in JERICOACOARA! You can do:

flag scubaflag kitesurfingflag stand up paddleflag surfing

flowerHC#006 MORRO DE SÃO PAULO – BAHIA state

morroviewMorro de São Paulo is another top beach Hippie & Chick destination of Brazil. Years ago the only access was a rustic bus-boat sailing from the port of Valença. The ride gives you a sense of what is up coming: warm air touching your face, the smiles of natives and the happiness of the tourist, all of this make the arrival to the MapIsland a magical moment. Morro is the capital village of Tinharé island and was an important colonial place. The entrance to the village is by the fortress arch door and then from the top of the village down to the 1st of the 5 extremely beautiful beaches. A cool nightlife happens at the 2nd beach. The village has wonderful restaurants and stores but the more than 20kms of beaches with natural pools, warm waters and coconut lined trails is the best that Morro can offer. There are many options to access the island by Salvador: direct by catamaran boat, air taxi flights or by the road, passing by Itaparica Island. Choose a place to stay that best suits your style, looking for nightlife and beach sports. Second beach is perfect. At Third beach you have both sides of Morro but if you want a pristine beache and privacy, choose the 4th or 5th beach with nice charm hotels. Very good options for HONEYMOON. Ask Terra Brasilis special packages. Allow 3 nights. On arrival to the port there is an Island Fee. Porters will help carring luggage to your lodge.

Terra Brasilis hotel suggestions in Morro are:

ssa-morro-boipeba 144 (2)VILLA DOS CORAIS


Be active in MORRO DE SÃO PAULO! You can do:

flag scubaflag stand up paddleflag surfing

flowerHC#007 PRAIA DA PIPA – The Dolphins Sanctuary RIO GRANDE DO NORTE state

bath tubePraia da Pipa is located south of Natal, capital or Rio Grande do Norte state (northeast Brazil). Praia da Pipa along with Tibau do Sul and Ponta do Madeiro, a large complex of cliffs “falesias“ of 25 meters high, lagoons and beaches,   makes the area an unique ecological destination. Home of Dolphins and Turtles it is a preserved sanctuary of Atlantic Rain Forest and marine ecosystems.
Chosen by “Guia 4 Rodas” (most respected travel book in Brazil) as one of the ten most beautiful beaches in Brazil. Pipa became famous in the 80’s thanks to the surfers who discovered its waves and other delights. The word was soon spread out to the world.
The old fishermen village became a well structured center for many sports or beach activities, with nice restaurants and excellent charm and boutique hotels.
One of the great attractions is the colors of the waters with graduation in blue and grey. The shoreline with its long curves design a giant heart, exactly where Praia do Amor (or Beach Love) is located.
The access is from Natal Airport and the trip takes around 1:30 h. by paved road.

Choose a place to stay that best suits your style. Formosa, Tibau do Sul and Ponta do Madeiro can be visited by renting a car or a buggy. Most of the best hotels have BODY & SOUL treatment and relax. Very good options for HONEYMOON! Request Terra Brasilis special packages. Allow at least 3 nights to enjoy Pipa and the surrounding areas.

Hotel suggestions in Praia de Pipa are:

Chick:pipa (2)

Be active in PIPA! You can do:

flag scubaflag stand up paddleflag surfing

flowerHC#008 TRANCOSO – The symbol of Hippie & chick destination

loungeOnly few places in the world can tune luxury and simplicity very well like TRANCOSO, in Bahia State. It could be another lost fishermen village but Trancoso was predestinated to be one of the most cult and cool places of Brazil. The settlement was founded by Jesuits in 1586 as São João Batista dos Índios and its tiny 16th-century church, built by Jesuits and native indigenous, is one of the oldest in Brazil. Forgotten on its isolation, Trancoso was (re)discovered in the early 70´s by alternative travellers who made of Trancoso their second or sometimes their first home. Then investors arrived and brought togetmap of the Trancosoher famous designers, architects and the jet set from Brazil and the world. Today the best place to feel the atmosphere of Trancoso is the Quadrado, the main square of the village that is a large football field separated by 2 lines of colored colonial house and at the end is the church and a beautiful view of the ocean. At Quadrado in day time, there is boys playing football and horses grazing the sparse grass but at night everything changes and bars, restaurants and chick stores opens for a very exclusive public. The nearest airport is Porto Seguro (aprox. one hour distant). Choose a place to stay that best suits your style. You can stay right in beach front or if you prefer a different option stay at Quadrado. Rent a car or sandbuggy to explore the beaches, to the north is Arraial d´Ajuda and to the south is Caraiva and the indian reservation. Don´t miss Espelho beach. This is a fantastic WEDDING and HONEYMOON place. Allow 3 nights. There is charm hotels and beautiful Villas with full infra-structure: the concept is have your own home.

Terra Brasilis hotel suggestions in Trancoso are:

Chick:trancoso praias.1024x0


Be active in TRANCOSO! You can do:

flag yachtflag scubaflag kitesurfingflag stand up paddleflag surfing

flowerHC#009 – PORTO DE GALINHAS – Jangadas & Natural Pools

Porto das GalinhasPorto de Galinhas is located 80 kilometers south of Recife (Pernambuco state). It is one of the most sought-after beach destinations in Brazil. Long beaches lined with reefs which form ocean pools, coconut groves, mangroves and some of the best resorts in Brazil await visitors at Porto de Galinhas, which is in reality a district of Ipojuca, Pernambuco. Great for diving, kytesurf, surfing or just relaxing and enjoying the sun’s journey across the sky, Porto de Galinhas is a top vacation magnet which requires planningboats in advance, especially in the summer. Since 2001 readers of the Brazilian magazine Viagem e Turismo (Travelling and Tourism) have voted Porto de Galinhas as the Best Beach in Brazil, therefore, it is not surprising that Porto Galinhas attracts half a million tourists annually. Choose a place to stay that best suits your style. You can explore the place by beach walk, buggy car or even the typical Jangada (rustic sail boat, traditional of northeast Brazil). Don´t miss Carneiros beach, south of Porto de Galinhas, named one of the 10 best beaches by The Guardian. Very good options for HONEYMOON and BODY & SOUL Hotels. As for Terra Brasilis special packages. Allow 3 nights.

Our hotel suggestions in Galinhas are:

Chick:praia galhinhas

beach photo

Be active in Porto de Galinhas! You can do:

flag scubaflag kitesurfingflag stand up paddleflag surfing

flowerHC#010: PRAIA DO FORTE – Sea Turtle Paradise in Bahia State

Praia do Forte is distant one hour from Salvador (capital of Bahia).coconut tree White sandy beaches bathed by crystalline waters with several natural swimming pools and lined by coconut trees: this is the ecological paradise of PRAIA DO FORTE. The name came from the old fortress complex built by Garcia D´Avila to protect the colonial city of Salvador in the XVII century. History, nature and ecology makes Praia do Forte – perhaps – the most Ecological beach destination of Brazil. From turtleJune to December is the season for whales;
and from September to March for sea turtles, that lay their eggs on the beaches near Praia do Forte. There is a sequence of lakes, lagoons and rivers that carries a diversity of fauna and flora. Nice resort hotels, charming pousadas and a glittering village with typical fishermen houses side by side provides the infra structure to visit all of this natural attractions. Choose a place to stay that best suits your style. Praia do Forte has 2 nice resorts with half board included and SPA Body & Soul. Very good options for HONEYMOON! Ask for Terra Brasilis special packages. Allow 3 nights. From Praia fo Forte you can also visit and explore Salvador.

Terra Brasilis hotel suggestions in Praia do Forte are:

Chick:praia do forte


Be active in PRAIA DO FORTE! You can do:

flag scubaflag stand up paddleflag surfing

espaço cambiarraespaço cambiarraespaço cambiarraespaço cambiarraespaço cambiarraespaço cambiarraTerra Brasilis’ 3 Hidden beach Paradise


flowerHP#011 – BOIPEBA island – Pure Beauty destination – Bahia State

Beleza puraBeleza Pura means literally Pure Beauty. But in the famous song of Caetano Veloso, Beleza Pura means peace, easy going, love and any other cool natural feeling. Boipeba is beleza pura: the pure expression of bare foot walking on long beaches, feel the breeze mapa-Ilha-de-Boipebablowing the coconut trees, lay in the warm and clear waters of the natural pools of Mororé… Separated by a river (Rio do Inferno) from Tinhare Island, Boipeba is part of the same archipelago but with a singular difference: it has not been touched by tourism, like other parts of the coast of Bahia state. Some would say that Boipeba is like Morro de São Paulo back at the old hippie time. So, this is the chance of staying in a real virgin paradise with natural swimming pools and starry warm nights. There are some infra-structure on the village and good charming lodges. Choose a place to stay that best suits your style. Do not expect nightlife but there is some restaurants in the village or Mororé beach. Don´t miss a beach walk to Morore and try the famous and delicious moqueca dish. Very good option for HONEYMOON. Ask Terra Brasilis special packages. Allow 3 nights minimun. The road access from Salvador takes a long time (requires different transports and connections). Air taxi flights available from Salvador airport.

Terra Brasilis hotel suggestions in Boipeba are:

                    Chick:                                                             Hippie:


flowerHP#012 – CARAIVA & CORUMBAU The Secret spot of Brazil – Bahia south

Hippie chick bangalo“Awesome time”; “lovely place on the beach” and “My favorite secret spot on planet”: this is what most people post after discovering Caraiva. A magical effect caused by the atmosphere of this hidden Paradise.Reaching Caraiva could be a task. Unpaved road from Trancoso and a canoe trip to cross the Caraíva River is part of this authentic hippie spot. If you have time, stop on the way at Espelho beach: it is one of the 10 best beaches in Brazil.  When arriving in Caraiva village take your shoes or flip-flop off and experience the streets covered by a very soft sand. It is like walking in haven. Local people are very gentle and  everybody knows each other by the first name or nickname. They will be very happy to indicate you where to eat the best Pastel or Fruit juice.

OPalm treesne side of the village lays over the river side and the other side is a long desert beach along the Monte Pascoal National Park and the Pataxó Indigenous Reserve on the back. Some people say that Caraíva is the first place that Portuguese arrived in Brazil and other says that the place never changed and still has the same look. It changes at night when Forró dance takes place and it is a must on the village. Not far from there is Ponta do Corumbau with the 2 best charm hotels of Brazil. Choose a place to stay that best suits your style. Caraíva has few comfortable beach lodges managed by the owners. Deluxe charm hotels are in Corumbau, one hour away by sand buggy. For HONEYMOON Terra Brasilis suggests Ponta do Corumbau. Request special packages. Allow 2 nights minimun. Transfer by car up to the Caraiva river and from there cross by canoe. Charted donkeys will help with luggage.

Terra Brasilis hotel suggestions in Caraiva and Corumbau are:

          Chick:                                             Hippie:
SÃO FRANCISCO                          CASA DA PRAIA
VILA NAIA                                       VILA DO MAR

Casa da praia

flowerHP#013 –PRAIA DO TOQUE The Coral Reef Coast – ALAGOAS State

reefsPraia do Toque is one of the special beaches located at the village of São Miguel dos Milagres, north of Maceio (capital of Alagoas state). This beach is protected by reefs and the absence of roads. When visitors arrive at Praia do Toque they face almost a labyrinth of coconut trees, mud roads and scattered rustic villages. Sea water is always warm (around 36℃). An invitation to swim, even on a starry
nights. It is possible to explore the region by boat or sand buggy.To thebangalo north is Tatuamunha river with the sanctuary for Manatees and to the south is São Miguel and Praia do Riacho. One of the best suggestion is take a Jangada (fishing sailboat) ride in the low tide to the natural pools. The main airport is Maceio but it is also possible to have private road transfer from Recife. Choose a place to stay that best suits your style. There are only a few options. Don´t miss the snorkel diving to the Coral Reefs. Very good options for HONEYMOON! Ask for Terra Brasilis special packages. Allow 3 nights minimun.

Terra Brasilis hotel suggestion in Praia do Toque are:



espaço cambiarra


espaço cambiarra


Our Beach FUN & ADVENTURE escorted Tours


flowerFA#014 – Beach Fun & Adventure – The Green Coast (RIO – SAO PAULO).
              (7 DAYS & 6 NIGHTS)

map of the Green Coast

Ilha Grande * Lopes Mendes * Paraty * Mamanguá * Trindade * Picinguaba * Fazenda beach * São Sebastião

Canoya in the riversurfersSeven Days to explore one of the most scenic road of Brazil – the Rio-Santos. Imagine driving and having at one side of the road beautiful beach spots and on the other side a mountain range covered with Atlantic Rain Forest meeting the sky blue sea. Along the road there are beautiful villages and natural sites to explore in our Terra Brasilis Fun & Adventure Proposal: Lodging at comfortable historical or nature eco lodges along the route (see itinerary). Activities are programed every day: a light and soft adventure (if you are up to a bit of adrenaline challenge we can provide). At nights when possible we go out for the good rustic nightlife of those beach places.

Day 1 – AM Transfer Rio de Janeiro to Ilha Grande. PM: Trek+bike Lopes Mendes beach. Overnight Naturalia or similar.
Day 2 – Speed boat around the Island and night forro dance. Overnight
Day 3 – Drive to Paraty – walking city tour – Jeep adventure at Gold Trail – Bocaina National Park – Overnight P do Sandi or similar
Day 4Paraty bike to Paraty-Mirim – canoe and Kayaking to Saco MamanguaCaiçara Traditional communities and overnight at Mamanguá.
Day 5 – Explore TrindadePraia do Sono and Overnight Pincinguaba or similar – Picinguaba State Park
Day 6– Beach relax Praia da Fazenda and day to explore beaches MambucabaUbatuba – Overnight at historical São Sebatião in São Paulo.
Day 7 – AM Transfer to São Paulo Hotels or Airports.
water sports

flowerFA#015 – Beach Fun & Adventure – The Green Line of BAHIA (Salvador North shore)
6 days & 5 Nights

Arembepe * Praia do Forte * Imbassaí * Siribinha * Mangue Seco * São Cristivão * Aracajú

BeachbahiaThis tour is the pure essence of Fun & Adventure because it was designed specially to let you take the best from the local infra-structure for outdoor events in one of the most well organized ecotourism destination in Brazil: Praia do Forte and then linked by a drive along the Linha verde (Green Line) to the opposite side, Mangue Seco, that will complement our Tour with a more remote and rustic destination, where the close contact with nature will be real. Mangue Seco is a tiny village with few houses, sandy streets and dunes that connect the village with the beach. It is a paradise in the board of 2 states Bahia and Sergipe. Our sixty days includes also small villages and other lost beach paradise like Arembepe, Imbassai and Siribinha. We end this tour with a glance of history by visiting the 4th oldest city in Brazil, São Cristivao and then we proceed to Aracju to to overnight and take plane next day.

beach buggy on the sandITINERARY
Day 1 – Transfer Salvador to Praia do Forte visiting to Arembepe: hippie village of the 60´s. PM: TAMAR sea turtle preservation project and Overnight in Praia do Forte Porto da Lua lodge or Similar.
Day 2Sapiranga Quadricycle adventure, snorkeling and beach time in Imbassai. Night in Praia do Forte.
Day 3 – Morning drive to Siribinha, continuing on a sand buggy expedition for 50kms of desert beaches. Afternoon beach time and Overnight in Mangue Seco.
Day 4 – Speed boat expedition in the channels, rivers and natural lagoons. Night in Mangue Seco.
Day 5 – Morning cross the river Rio Real in speed boat to Pontal and drive to Aracaju (capital of Sergipe State). On the way visit to São Cristovão, Brazil´s 4th oldest city. A colonial jewel, considered world heritage by Unesco. Lunch and continue to Aracaju. Overnight at Celi Praia or similar. Night farewell forró dance.
Day 6 – Aracaju transfer to airport.. end of tour.

flowerFA#016- Fun & Adventure CACAO & DENDE TOUR –Salvador to Ilhéus
(7 Days and 6 Nights)

Reconcavo * Morro * Boipeba * Camamu * Barra Grande * Marau * Itacaré

MapCacao & Dende is one of Terra Brasilis traditionalBeach tour concept. It was designed over a complete beach geography and adventurous spirit. It includes beautiful islands (Morro de São Paulo and Boipeba); Peninsula (Marau); Coral reefs; pristine clear water beaches; estuary and 2 of the biggest bays in Brazil: Todos os Santos and Camamu.
The tropical climate, endless coconut groves along the beaches, warm waters, natural pools, nice people and excellent food: all makes this tour a special experience. Terra Brasilis keeps the same philosophy of Fun & Adventure to make you explore the Coast of Dendê and then the Coast of Cacao, until Ilhéus (famous port of Cacao and home of the Brazilian novelist Jorge Amado). Tour starts in Salvador to the Recôncavo baiano – area surrounding the Bay of All Saints. There visitors will learn a little about the history of  colonial Brazil and interact with the local culture and people.

Day 1 – Transfer Salvador by the bay side to Reconcavo Baiano. Soft bike trip and visit to the historical villages. End of day with a speed boat from Valença to Morro de São Paulo. Overnight Villa dos Corais or similar. Enjoy the 2nd beach music and gastronomy.
Day 2 – Day to explore the village. Trek to light house and beach time, snorkeling (scuba diving or surf optional) overnight in Morro.
Day 3 – Leave morning for a speed boat exploration in the Tinhare archipelago, Garapuá beach and Boipeba natural pools. Overnight in Boipeba at Santa Clara or similar.
Day 4 – Boat to Cayru and then by road to the port of Camamu. Historical town – an old pirate site. Cross the third biggest and most preserved Bay of Brazil – Camamu with stop to visit The Pedra Furada. From Barra Grande buggy transfer to Casange Lodge – dinner at hotel.
Day 5 – Explore the peninsula of Maraú by jeep or buggy and snorkel trip to the coral reef wall of Taipus de Fora (one of the 10 best beaches in Brazil).
Day 6 – Morning departure to Itacaré – rest of the day to explore Atlantic Rain Forest trails and the wild beaches. Night Forro dance is a must. Overnight at Sage Point or similar.
Day 7 – Transfer to Ilhéus airport with a short visit to Jorge Amado Terra do Cacau land. End of tour.



An Archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, one hour flight from Recife or Natal. Has more than 18 very recommended sites for diving in Brazil and it is one of the best places for a diving natural experience (Marine National Park). Atlantis Divers is Terra Brasilis local partner for diving experiences in Noronha (www.atlantisdivers.com.br).


The great experience of diving in Recife is the shipwreck areas. The place is known as the “shipwreck capital”. Aquaticos is Terra Brasilis local partner (www.aquaticos.com.br).


Both Paraty and Ilha Grande have calm and clear waters; good infra-structure for diving in all categories. The Bay of Paraty together with  Ilha Grande is a great complex with islands, parcels, coral reefs and an amazing marine fauna and flora. Adrenalina is Terra Brasilis partner (www.adrenalinamergulho.com.br).

Contact us to plan your diving activities in Brazil. Consider also Diving Expedition in Abrolhos (South of Bahia State); Amazonian diving; and Cave diving.


We can organize charter of Catamaran with cabin and sailboats like Wind33 and Wind44 with or without Skipper (crew). For day trips or overnights at sea.