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Café A Filosófica


Every time we sit down for a meeting with our consultants or staff, on a lecture break or even to design a new expedition or tour, we have good company: the “cafezinho”. A cup of coffee helps us to be more accurate and awake. One brings a special cake or an exotic delicacy and we get to produced even better.

So, on the last Terra Brasilis´office renovation we structured to have a coffee place awhich is  reality today: A Filosófica, is finally open to the public, located at the side of our office . See map (*)

A new cultural space for Travellers or non-travellers that want to research for a new trip or just relax watching some of our videos, or reading our book or magazines in our Travel library. Above all, enjoying our special coffee blends and Café gastronomy.

Our new infra-structure is prepare to attend – also – cycling tourists and friends in escorted bike tours, bike rental or Package lunch for your day excursion around the Serra da Tiririca State park, close to our office.

Be the most welcome to A Filosófica.

And enjoy it!