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Years ago we were looking for an inspiring name to our brand new Incoming company. One of the first names Brazil had in its past was TERRA BRASILIS. The name sounded perfect because it represent the idea of discovering a new world. Exactly how Brazil presents today in the World Tourism Market: a destination to be discovered! And and we want to be part of this Voyage.
Our Beginning > by Lenauro Mendonça

Lenauro Mendonça
Dear Friends & clients:
Our Company was founded in 1991. We are 23 years in the Brazilian Incoming tour operation. For me, personally, 2014 is also an important year: I am completing 40 years as a professional in the tourism segment, initiated at Cruzeiro do Sul Brazilian Airlines. So, with great pleasure we present our new website. All those years we have been researching, testing, preparing, studying and developing a website completely designed for specialists in Brazil or Latin America. It is also a way of thank very much the help and inspiration of many people, whose collaboration makes part of TERRA BRASILIS history.
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Our Present and Future: Staff, Consultants and supporters

Many people have contributed to the history of our company. Some of them are still around after 23 years, as a friend, consultant or staff.

Flavio H. Cruz
Flavio Henrique Cruz:
Former partner of the company and responsable for Operation, bookings and hotel contracts. Flavio has been in the travel industry for more than 25 years, specialized in marketing, pricing and operation of sightseeing or conventional services. English speaking.

Evandro Sathler
Evandro Sathler:
Graduated in law, master in sociology and PhD in Geography, he is also a former tour guide, specialized in protected areas and socio-environmental conflicts. Was one of the founders of The Quest and have been contribuiting for the ecotourism in Brazil for many years. At Terra Brasilis he acts as consultant and guiding special groups. Fluent in Spanish and English.
Lucia Velasco
Lucia Velasco:
History teacher with post-graduation in History of Brazil she is working in tourism for more than 25 years in Incoming and Outgoing market. Was one of the first Brazilian guide to take groups to Cuba in the 80´s. Today she helps with special trips, such as bike tours and historical visits. Spanish speaking .
Alvaro & Silvia
Alvaro Machado and Silvia Gonçalves:
He is a forest engineer and she has a master degree in Marketing. He was co-founders of the ECOTRIP tour operator and is currently working to open a new Terra Brasilis branch Tocantins state. She has been working with marketing at big companies, and together they have guided biking groups and special trips all over Brazil. English and spanish speaking.
Johannes Gerlach
Johannes Gerlach:
German born in Dresden, he is a physicist and environmental engineer, post graduated as clinical Health-physicist. Was a congressman for 17 years in Germany, during the reunification. Works as a consultant for  renewable energy and climate change. Today he takes care of  Mae Flora project, is south state of Santa Catarina and support Terra Brasilis promoting Brazil and Conservation Travel. Fluentl in German, Portuguese and English.
Maria Velasco
Maria Velasco:
Graduated in environement management (Gestão Ambiental) in Leonardo Da Vinci University Center. Has specialization in permaculture design at Çaracura Institut PDC. Fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and German. Founders of the renewable energy and climate change Mae Flora project. Work in tourism for long time as manager:  The Quest and Machado Turismo. Today cooperate in special trips and social projects.
Maria Paz Di Caro
Maria Paz di Caro:
Argentinean born, she is graduated in communication and publicity in Buenos Aires and is a tour guide, currently in Salvador (Bahia). Fluent in Englsih, Spanish and Portuguese. She manages Terra Brasilis in Salvador.
MoniqueMonique Telles:
Graduated in Tourism at Fluminense Federal University (UFF), lived and studied in different countries such as New Zealand, England and Canada where she could experience the most diverse cultures. She worked in a Outgoing Market as Public Relations and Student Adviser in a interchange agency. Today, at Terra Brasilis she acts as Sales and Marketing Manager. Fluent in English.
rafaelRafael Machado Lopez:
Born in Rio, lived in Germany for ten years where he graduated in Hospitality as Hotel Specialist. Now, works showing Brazil to the european market. Fluent in German and English.
Renata MaiaRenata Maia:
English teacher in Salvador and Rio de Janeiro, she was one of the first partner of Terra Brasilis in RIO and was in charge of costumers´ assistance for years at Terra Brasilis. Fluent in English and portuguese.

Our First Commitment : Safety & Health to insure your trip.

We have been working with Adventure Travel, Ecotourism and conventional trips for over 20 years. Safety and health of our clients is one of our company´s most importante commitment.  We have already been tested by many tourism institutions around the world. As member of ATTA and ABETA, we have the opportunity to update our company and our local suppliers in safety & healthy, training our guides and staff using the AVENTURA SEGURA program or The ABTN (technical standards of Adventure Tourism). We are also registered as Tour Operator in EMBRATUR and the local city Tourism Board NELTUR. The hotels and restaurants offered on our programs are regularly inspected by our staff.
the Brazilian Tourist BoardNiterói - Entertainment and Tourism CompanyAdventure Travel Trade AssociationsindeturBrazilian Association of Ecotourism and Adventure Tourism

Our Second Commitment : Promote Sustainability, Green & Social actions.

Our second commitment is the Interaction with both ends of the touristic activity. Our effort is focused on a green, social and sustainable way. So our main goal is to use tourism as a way of preserve the environment, historical heritage, cultural roots and local environment, speclialy in the areas we act.

Complementarily we bring to our clients experiences of sustainability and community relation. We have our own project of free carbon (see One Pax = Two Trees project) that is the base for our work with community base tourism. We also participate on the Serra da Tiririca State Park management, collaborate with different Universities (Caminhos de Darwin, Rio de Janeiro Federal University) in Brasil and abroad, and RIO SUSTAINABLE TOURS.


OUR BEGINING: By Lenauro Mendonça

Over the past 40 years we have participated in the evolution of the brazilian tourism segment. In the 70´s Brazil finally opened its eyes to the Tourism as an economic source. The first results came on hundreds of charters flights to Rio de Janeiro: it was RIO INTERNATIONAL WEEKEND, from USA.

Suddenly Brazil hosted the 1975 ASTA Congrees, first one in Latin America. In the 80´s Brazil turned his attention to the Amazon, Northeast Brazil, Iguassu Falls and the astonishing nature of Brazil. The feedback was immediate, and these destinations became number one for the 90´s, when the Ecotourism boomed in Brazil. Growing very well the company was soon joined to institutions like EMBRATUR, SINDETUR, ABAV and ABETA, making the tourism activity more organized.

Over all this time we made lots of friends and established TERRA BRASILIS as an important group of professionals working together to improve quality operation and promoting tourism on a sustainable way.

Terra Brasilis is a fantasy name. The idea of discovering the pure and authentic Brasil, that fascinated the world with its multi cultural and natural beauties, became our main focus. A different way, or, perhaps, a real philosophy of incoming people to Brazil.

What we can present today to our friends, clients and partners is the result of 40 years experience of work and prospecting Brazil as a whole. Many people helped us to create a large network of contacts, friends, professionals who believe in the Tourism as an ideal economic alternative for sustainability, contemplating nature and culture preservation.
We hope you enjoy our website.

Lenauro Mendonça
General Manager