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Brazil is a huge, a giant country with an incredible biodiversity divided in more than (six) natural ecosystems (BIOMAS), CLICK IN THE ECOSYSTEM OR IN THE ACTIVITYr great diversity is in the culture and the regional characteristic of the 6 regions. Our proposal is to take you out of big Brazilians towns to let know Brazil by inside, driving comfortably on some of the best routes we have in the country, exploring natural areas and remote villages in our Off-Road trip suggestions or even do a different thing, like a Train ride or a Buggy sand car in the beach. We have designed 14 trips that could be done in a private fully escorted or in an economic way. We will even give you the chance of doing by yourself at your own way. Most of our Best route programs link big cities like Salvador to Recife, Rio to Sao Paulo and to Belo Horizonte. This is a way of knowing remote towns, beautiful historical villages, farming CONTACT US TO ASK COMPLETE ITINERARY & TOUR DETAILS – SEE OUR GENERAL CONDITIONS photos

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